Red Velvet: A Love Story That’s Not A Love Story

This is going to seem like a love story, but I promise you it’s not. At least, not for me. *** In the Cambridge dictionary, notice is defined as, to see or become conscious of something or someone. Do you have a friend that you can remember the first time you ever noticed them? Like the… Continue reading Red Velvet: A Love Story That’s Not A Love Story


She was the type of girl people wanted to be around. Because, not necessarily, was she the partier, the one with all the moves, the liquor and the weed. But because she brought something else that wasn’t tangible. She brought something you couldn’t just pick up at the grocery store. It wasn’t convenience. It was… Continue reading It

What Are You?

Is there a balance to be struck? Is it even possible? Growing up, I was surrounded mostly by white people. I wanted to look more white. Attending Howard University, and being around pretty much all black people - I wish I looked more black. Will there ever be a time or an environment, I suppose,… Continue reading What Are You?