Quick Stats:

  • Age: 21
  • Gender: Female
  • Occupation: Au Pair in France / “Finding Myself”
  • Education: Howard University, class of 2018. Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, with a minor Economics.

But is this really what lets you get to know me? I don’t think so. This is extraneous. Dura matter. The tip of the iceberg. I think you really get to know someone by asking the important questions like:

“You get to spend the day with Sleeping Beauty or Mulan. Who do you pick?” (P.S. If the person picks Sleeping Beauty, drop them. Immediately. You don’t need Sleeping Beauty energy in your life. You need Mulan energy. Everyone needs Mulan energy.)

So, now you know a little about me. But read my blog and you’ll get to know a lot more. Cheers.