She says, “I’ll break your heart.”

But the clouds in my mind float me to the sky and I do not hear the words she muttered.

She says, “I’ll break your heart.”

But the whisper of the wind as we dance through the trees puts a springing in my knees and I run from what she told me.

She says, “I’ll break your heart!”

But the waves are so cold.

Swirling swells drown me to my impending misery. And I am no longer capable of trying to comprehend those words she kept repeating.

My body enveloped in the knots of silky sheets…

Sunlight filters through the bamboo shutters and every particle of the air we breath is illuminated.

I See it Now.

Because she read my text at 3:24 but never replied…

I See it Now.

Because she’s somehow missed all my calls…

I See it Now.

Because I can still smell and see, but Not Feel, her body next to me in these knots of silky sheets we created last night…

I See it Now.

She Broke My Heart.

“I’ll break your heart,” I told him.

Although the first week was bliss

I realized I didn’t Miss


“I’ll break your heart.”

Forewarning Consistently,

Depending Futuristically.

Do I do this to myself?

Or is there something wrong with me…

I love his smile

And the ever present mischief in his eyes.

And that night as we tumble and fumble,

I Search.


For the pieces never present in me.

The pieces that allow me to Feel and to Give.

To Accept and to Love.


but more important,


But the more knots we create in all those silky sheets the more those pieces evade me.

Sunrise comes soon

and like the moon

I make my escape before daybreak.

And like the stars I only twinkle for a few hours.

3:24 and I don’t respond, making his realization long.

I hear the phone ring and ring and ring…

But for some reason all I do is sing.

“I’ll break your heart,” I told him.

I Broke His Heart.

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