Earlier today as I was walking to a café, I had some thoughts about winter. Although this season is desolate and depressing, it is almost rejuvenating in a way. You look around and everything you see is gray, but when the sun comes out it is so bright that you remember what it feels like to be grateful. You begin to hate the shadows cast by tall buildings because they make the temperature drop 10 degrees, but when it is windy outside you love curling up close to the strong corner that a brick wall provides as it shields you from the blusters. Dead leaves have glued their skeletons to the sidewalks, and the brown ones still clinging to gray branches of gray trees flit back and forth – indecisive. Summer dresses have made their final goodbyes, on vacation till March when the first 70 degree day happens and the legs beg to be released. Scarves, beanies, wooly sweaters, thick puffy jackets – shield our bodies, allowing us to grow plump without judgement while we enjoy the holiday feasts during these months.

It is during winter when we get to relax for a minute. It it is like the world telling us to slow down, by forcing us to – because, who really wants to be outside in freezing temperatures? Winter is our alibi for those invites we want to say no to, but don’t have the heart to reject..

“Hey are you going to be able to make it to the office potluck dinner on Wednesday?”

Ehh..ya know I think I saw on the weather that there may be a storm that night? So, raincheck? 

Winter is the season for the introvert, for the person with just one or two friends. Yes, finally we have our time to thrive. No longer do we feel bad when asked the question,

“What did you do this weekend?”

I curled up on the couch, ate soup, read my books, and hung out with my dog.

No no – because yes! Because this is acceptable behavior for winter! People hear this and agree with the sentiment that it brings. If you dared answer that to your weekend activities in Summer – wow, well you must have no life. But winter? Winter loves you, dear introvert.

Statistically, winter is people’s least favorite season, but I think we all need to give our cold friend more credit. It brings us some much needed love, some much needed R&R, and some much needed time to heal.

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