She was the type of girl people wanted to be around.

Because, not necessarily, was she the partier,

the one with all the moves,

the liquor and the weed.

But because she brought something else that wasn’t tangible.

She brought something you couldn’t just pick up at the grocery store.

It wasn’t convenience.

It was pure.

It couldn’t be manufactured, you just had to be born with It.

She had It.

People –  they were attracted to her like she was a magnet,

and they couldn’t help but want to be in her orb, her universe, her galaxy,

just so they could witness the glimmer of her energy.

She was that girl.

She was that girl that people would see and wanna get to know

but almost be afraid because they weren’t sure how to handle It.

Whatever that it was they didn’t know, but they still craved It.

When they saw It they couldn’t look away – just like the sun, ya know, you wanna look up at it in the sky.

it’s so bright, it’s so happy, and full of burning burning life.

and yet the longer they stared – it was like damn, why am I still looking at this?

why can’t I be with It?

But she wasn’t with anyone.

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