A wall is a wall

is a fence

is a block

is a chain

is a law.


A child is a human

is a person

is a brother

is a mother

a sister

a father

a friend

a lover

is a life.


A people is a past

their stories

a history

their traditions

webbed through ancestry.

A future is those things as well

it is a tomorrow

as much as a today

was yester.


A tent is a home

as much as a house

is a safety

as much as a camp

is a prison

as much as a settlement

is a neighborhood.


A gun, a stick

a bomb, a rock

a stabbing, handcuffs

a rocket

is violence is losing


growing hatred

feeding a fight in which there is never a knockout

just boxers getting bloodier and bloodier.


A hope is a dream

is real

is tangible

a hope does not have to be a hope.


A body has two legs

two arms

ten fingers

ten toes

a mind

a brain

a heart

that wants to live.


A solution is listening

is talking

is creating

is understanding

is forgiving

is solving

a solution is peace.


A time is today.

A time is now

an opportunity to heal

to grow

to produce

to evaluate

and rise

from the hurt

the pain

the blood

the rubble and ashes

into beauty

into prosperity

into itself.


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